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Costa Sol Realty is a full service Miami real estate and business brokerage company dedicated to providing clients with a superior experience. 

At Costa Sol Realty, we specialize in the sales and marketing of businesses, residential and commercial real estate and property management. We strive to meet our clients’ needs by understanding the local market, staying up-to-date on the latest topics in real estate, and developing strong and essential network connections that set us apart from the competition...


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Meet our amazing team of experts with over 20 plus years experience combined in residential and commercial Miami real estate.

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Of course, we sell many beautiful properties and our statistics speak for themselves. But it’s not what’s most important - our customers’ satisfaction is always our top priority. See what it really means to buy or sell with us.   

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Many buyers are understandably nervous about buying a foreclosed home, also known as a distressed sale. There are horror stories galore about people purchasing a foreclosure and regretting it, but buying a foreclosure isn't necessarily the nightmare that some people portray…
Every industry contains a danger of job burnout. Although it's not an actual medical disease, the Mayo Clinic defines burnout as "a special type of work-related stress -- a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and…
Lots of people are attracted to a career in real estate -- but is it the right future path for you? The thing about selling real estate is that not anybody can do it, but everybody thinks they can. There are some specific skill sets that the best agents in the business tend…
If you've been thinking about investing in real estate, getting your finances in order before you start searching for properties and scheduling appointments will save you from money headaches in the long run.

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