Why Costa Sol Realty?

  • At Costa Sol Realty we take the time to understand each customer. For our sellers we take the time to custom tailor a sales strategy that meets their needs, time frame and sales goal. For our buyers, we work closely and diligently to find the perfect property and negotiate best price. Either way, you know Costa Sol Realty will be there to help you every step of the way with knowledge and experience.


What is the role of a real estate broker?

  •  The main function of real estate brokers and their agents is to assist buyers and sellers with the transaction of transferring real estate from one person to another. At Costa Sol Realty, our brokers help you find the exact property you’re looking for.
  • To arrange appointments for you to visit homes and investment properties and arrange personalized showings.
  • To assist in evaluating prospective properties, negotiate the price and guide the transaction to closing.
  • A real estate broker can act as a seller’s agent or listing agent representing the seller, assisting with setting the sales price, marketing the property for sale and helping with negotiations.
  • Help customers navigate the extensive (and often inaccurate) data on the Internet by providing direct access to the multiple listing services and up to the minute real estate transactions.
  • List properties for sale on the multiple listing service and many other important real estate sites.

What is the role of a business broker?

  • A business broker helps connect buyers and sellers of businesses and helps to guide the parties through the process of business valuation, business evaluation, contract, financing and closing.
  • Business brokers help buyers find businesses for sale that meet their criteria and can arrange meetings with the owners and arrange the viewing of the business.
  • Business brokers help sellers confidentially and anonymously list their businesses for sale and bring qualified buyers directly to the seller.
  • Business brokers can help buyers and sellers understand the value of business for sale and determine the proper selling price.
  • At Costa Sol Realty, we are members of BBF, Business Brokers of Florida, the largest Business MLS in the country. This gives us exclusive access to thousands of businesses, buyers and sellers and is an integral tool in helping our customers buy and sell businesses.


How do your brokers handle confidentiality?

  • Costa Sol Realty requires that prospective buyers review and sign a non-disclosure statement outlining their responsibility in having access to a seller’s confidential information. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of the business sale.

How do you advertise a business for sale?

  • Costa Sol Realty uses various channels to market and advertise a seller’s business in the most confidential and discreet method possible.
  • We work tirelessly to protect the seller’s employees and vendors from knowing that their business is for sale.
  • Our business brokers seek out and talk to buyers on a daily basis and make sure to filter and attract the right buyers to sell your business quickly and for the highest value.

Why buy a business instead of starting one and what is the best business to own?

  • Starting a business adds to excessive costs such as the cost of buying equipment, renting a space, paying staff and advertising, establishing contractual relationships and supporting yourself while you are building up a customer base.
  • If you buy an established business, you have an income from the day you take over. You already know what can be accomplished by the business and we, at Costa Sol Realty, will provide the guidance and the steps to help you to attain fast success in buying or even selling your next business.

Who will handle the negotiations, on the sale of my business?

  • Your Costa Sol Realty broker professional will work closely with you in dealing with negotiations. We will be happy to help you navigate through the entire process.

What Property Management experience does Costa Sol Realty offer?

  • In addition to real estate sales, Costa Sol Realty has a dedicated team to manage your investment properties. We have over 14 years of experience managing residential and commercial investment real estate and we offer full service property management including renting, tenant management, repairs and financial reports.

How do you screen and select rental applicants?

  • Our tenant applications are processed electronically and include credit, criminal, sex offender and past eviction background searches. Our scoring and tenant recommendation policies are built on industry standards and are followed to ultimately accept or decline prospective tenants.

Can I refer my friends to you for property management services?

Of course, anyone interested in any of our services can call our office at (305) 519-7123 or click the “contact us” tab below.